Do you like foot darts?

The pedal dart is a game where every place in the world is loved, it's easy and fun. Imagine now, if somehow, can it become more interesting? The good news is funny. The new version of the dart is a football dart, it is a combination of football and darts. The best part is that it can be understood and played easily. This is a great game that can be enjoyed with friends, it keeps your body because the whole body is used when playing. The concept of the game is in the 23 feet inflatable dart board to play a Velcro safe football, more like a dart will be. Your ball hits the dart point and determines the score you get. A variety of skills can try, which will give you a fair practice where you kick skills. The best part is no age limit, and anyone can play this game.

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How to play darts

Like any other game, you need to play darts. The goal is aimed at the center of the dart board, the player scored the highest. Some of the points that should be noted when playing a dart may be:

1. Foot position: In order to throw the dart perfect foot position is necessary. The distance between the foot and the dart board is right. The ball should be parallel with the dart board batting, and some like to aim at a certain angle to play. Although the angle preference is entirely your choice, but can be adjusted according to comfort.

Distance from foot to distance Darts should be walking distance. So the blow is comfortable and accurate. The perfect balance is the key to this game, which can increase the proper distance.

The position of the shoulder is also important when playing soccer darts. The shoulders must be parallel to the dart board, and the spine must remain straight and comfortable.

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